Stéphane D'Alu

If you need expertise in the field of networking, information technology or web hosting, feel free to contact me, so we could discuss your issues and see how to resolve them as quickly as possible.

My technical background is balanced between system administration and application design mainly applied to networking, with also a strong practice of web development and hosting.

You will find below a list of keywords that quickly summarize my skills/expertise in the IT field:

Domain Keywords
Field Mail, Web, Storage, File sharing, Firewall, Database, Directory, Switch & router, Virtualization.
Software OpenVPN, Nylon, Net-SNMP, Bind, DHCP, ProFTPd, lftp, Samba, Apache, OpenSSH, OpenLDAP, MySQL, Subversion, Cyrus-Imap, Postfix, SQLgrey, SpamAssassin, istgt, ntpd, Xen.
OS Linux, FreeBSD.
Componant Packet Filter, ZFS, NFS.
Protocol IPv4, IPv6, DNS, SSL/TLS, VLAN.
Language C, Java, Eiffel, JavaScript, bash, XSLT

The main companies and institutes I worked for:

Company Description
INSA-Lyon Setting up and managing IT infrastructure for a research laboratory: user account management, data sharing, storage, backup, replication, web hosting architecture, networking infrastructure, ...
ENS-Lyon Sysadmin on the multi-site Grid5000 project, setting up the first cluster nodes in Lyon and connecting them on core network switches and routers (Extreme, Foundry, Cisco) with IPv4/IPv6 connectivity, deploying management software and job scheduler.
AFNIC Design and implementation of zonecheck v2, a software for DNS zone validation. Creation of a specialized ruby library for DNS querying.
LORIA Implementing ANEP protocol in kernel space with IPv4/IPv6 support and JAVA binding. Design of an active plateform dedicated to network management.
SCO Working on UnixWare7 on modem autodetection and NFS performance enhancement.